Get a WebRTC-enabled Browser

MediaStreams - Video
Mirror App (View real-time video)
Photo Booth App (Capture single frame of video)
Embossed Mirror App (Add emboss effect to real-time video)
Facial Recognition App (Use CCV to detect face and add glasses)

MediaStreams - Audio
Sound App (Access real-time audio buffer as ByteFrequency or ByteTime)

WebRTC Video Call (Up to 4 callers, multiple rooms)

Nurse Line (Chat, Videoconference and Shared Sketch)

Speech Recognition (Uses Chrome input box speech feature)
Drag Icons in Canvas (Uses Kinetic.JS)
Throw Icons, with Collisions (Uses Box2dJS)
Throw Icons, Hear Collisions (Uses Box2dJS and Audio)
Multi-player Food Fight (with Socket.IO and Box2dJS)

How it works
Presentation (View .ppt using Google ppt viewer)
PeerConnection00 is now deprecated, so I changed code since the presentation.