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welcome to the generative design center

Currently located at The University of Texas at Austin, the generative design center is an interdisciplinary and geographically distributed research, design and implementation group focusing on improving learning and teaching in schools and other formal educational settings. Equity, access, and excellence are values that animate our efforts to advance the teaching and learning of challenging and future-oriented content, especially in mathematics and science, using approaches that are more fully participatory, expressive and socially situated.

While not exclusively technology focused, we do believe in the power of tools to change how we act and interact in the world of experience. New technologies and representational media open up new or underuntilized trajectories for learning and teaching. We are particularly interested in tools, materials, and approaches that mediate and significanly improve group-based interaction and/or make advanced content available to young or currently underserved students. Generative design is an overarching guiding framework for our research, development and implementation activities.

To get an overview of our work, you may want to start with the themes navigation link or you may want to get to specifics by visiting the projects or resources links.